Tuesday, January 17, 2017

#KiliTeam2017: Instructors Angus and Brendan

As the #KiliTeam2017 settles in and prepares to begin their climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, let us introduce you to the two instructors who will help lead them there.

Angus Murray is excited to be going back to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro! He first climbed the mountain in 2002 with Sarah Wiley, now Outward Bound Canada's Executive Director. Angus will be reunited with Brendan Madden as his co instructor; they first worked together in the 1990s at the Canadian Outward Bound Wilderness School. The #KiliTeam2017 is strong and he is looking forward to spending seven days on the mountain with them. Once again, he wishes to thank them for all their fundraising efforts! When he is not coordinating (or instructing) Reach Beyond Expeditions for Outward Bound Canada, he stays active in the outdoors with his wife Sarah and their eight-year-old son Hugh.

Brendan Madden is the Director of Learning and Adventure at Outward Bound Canada. Brendan has been leading educational expeditions for over 22 years. He passionately believes in the power of the wilderness journey to transform lives. Brendan is well-known in the field of adventure education, and regularly speaks at conferences and staff gatherings on the topics of risk management, field staff mental health, and success coaching. Notably, his first Outward Bound experience was in 1995, on a dogsledding expedition led by Angus Murray. This will be his first adventure in Africa: the fulfilment of a boyhood dream. Brendan loves the mountains and lives in the Canadian Rockies with his wife, two daughters, and a rambunctious dog.

Settling in

Team OBC Kilimanjaro 2017

Prep day practice hike

"One equal temper of heroic hearts"

A practice hike during our prep day, to check gear and systems before heading up the mountain tomorrow!

Kilemakyaro Lodge

We all arrived safe and sound at Kilemakyaro Lodge: all our bags even made it, despite a mad sprint through the Amsterdam airport for some. Ready for the adventure to begin!


We arrived last night after long flights (and, for some, a mad dash through the airport in Amsterdam). The group is all here (with bags, no less!) and sleeping in after a long travel. We'll post a group picture soon. We're eager to be off!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Our #KiliTeam2017 is on their way to Africa!

Our eight climber and two instructors are now all on their way to Tanzania to begin their journey to the top of Africa! Our previous post include an update from some of the team as they awaited their flight to Amsterdam, from where they will board a connecting flight to Tanzania.

We look forward to more updates from the field as #KiliTeam2017 gets settled in and prepared to start their climb up Mount Kilimanjaro.

Go team!

Sunday, January 15, 2017